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About The Smile Express

Welcome to The Smile Express

We are a Pediatric dental and orthodontics office, providing specialized dentistry for children and adolescents in a child-friendly environment. As pediatric dentists, we focus on preventative care to help infants, children and teens grow a healthy smile that will last a lifetime. Our office takes pride in providing dental care for children with special health care needs.

Our family orthodontics practice helps in aligning teeth to make them straight and enhance a person’s smile. Straight teeth and a great smile not only boost confidence in adolescents, but it also prevents a lot of other conditions such as gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis, which result from crooked teeth and a bad bite.

What Sets Us Apart

We treat children, not just their teeth. We accept them with their fears and help them conquer their anxiety associated with the dentist’s office. Our philosophy is to provide an environment for dental care, where both the child and parents are at ease. Our doctors and staff are trained to execute that philosophy.

In the words of Dr. Meetu C. Soni, owner of The Smile Express, “My dad always reminded me that a successful doctor is one who feels satisfied by helping his or her patients every day. Success to a doctor is simply making someone smile, someone feel better, healing their pain and making a difference in their life.”

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