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Orthodontics Care

Braces Care

Our team will show you how to properly take care of your braces as soon as your treatment begins. It is necessary that you take proper care of your braces, so you do not mess your braces up or the alignment of your teeth as braces can easily trap food. It is important that you clean your braces after you eat every time. If food is not cleaned from braces, it can result in scratching the enamel on your teeth. Also, gum disease can occur as your gums can bleed and swell and slow the process of the treatment. When it comes to brushing, you should brush around 4-5 times per day. Make sure to brush between the gums and the wires back and forth to loosen any food particles, then brush regularly. Start at the upper teeth with your toothbrush with a 45-degree angle that is toward the gums. Then, brush in a circular motion for 10 strokes and move onto the next area. Then repeat the previous two steps on the inside of the teeth and both the inside and outside of the lower teeth.  Take a look in the mirror and check if there are any spots you missed as your braces should not have any plaque food particles on them. If your gums start to bleed while brushing, keep on brushing and do not be alarmed by the blood. Also, make sure that your gum line is cleaned after brushing. Bleeding should occur after 3 to 4 days if you are properly brushing. Make sure you use a special floss threader for flossing while having your braces on. You should only floss once a day. Gel or fluoride rinse is recommended to prevent damage from occurring.

Appliance Care

To clean your retainer, scrub it with a brush and toothpaste. If it is a lower fixed retainer, be more careful while brushing the inside lower teeth and wire. Also, always bring your retainer to every appointment. Try not to flip your retainer with your tongue as this can damage your teeth. When the retainer is not being used, it should be stored in a plastic case. Never use paper napkin or tissues to wrap or protect your retainer as it can be mistaken for trash and thrown away. Retainers can break if you put it in your pocket. As well as too much heat will warp and destroy your retainer and you will not be able to use your retainer.

Elastics Care

If you don’t wear your rubber bands continuously, it will shock your teeth and make your teeth sore. Take off your elastics when you need to brush and change them once or twice a day. 

Proper Diet

Try not to eat sticky foods like:

  1. Caramels

  2. Candy bars with caramel

  3. Fruit Roll-Ups

  4. Gum

  5. Candy or caramel apples

  6. Skittles

  7. Starbursts

  8. Toffee

  9. Gummy Bears

Try not to eat hard or crunchy foods like:

  1. Pizza Crust

  2. Nuts

  3. Hard Candy

  4. Corn Chips

  5. Ice Cubes

  6. Bagels

  7. Popcorn Kernels

braces smile

If you want to eat these foods, cut them into very small pieces and only chew the pieces with your back teeth:

  1. Apples

  2. Carrots

  3. Corn on the Cob

  4. Pizza

  5. Pears

  6. Celery

  7. Chicken Wings

  8. Spare Ribs

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